Third Grade News

For Ms. Frazier, Ms. Bailey, and Ms. Ellison's classes!

General Third Grade News

  • The last day for AFTER SCHOOL tutoring is April 28th.
  • May 2-6 Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 9th-Math STAAR test
  • May 10th-Reading STAAR test
  • May 11th-Field Trip
  • We will pass out the last spelling list on May 13th and and give the last spelling test on May 20th.
  • May 20- Field Day
  • May 27- No School (Bad Weather Day)
  • May 3- No School (Memorial Day)
  • June 1- Classroom parties
  • June 2nd-last day of school.
  • You can check out your child's grades online at Click on Parent Self-Serve on the right/

Math with Ms. Bailey

Writing and Science with Ms. Ellison

Hello parents!

Word Work and Writing

Students are working on adapting fairy tales in class. We will complete our fairy tale unit Tuesday May 24th. Students need to finish their first draft by Friday so they can keep on track to complete it before grades are due.

Please make sure you read over their work to check for spelling mistakes and to ensure that it makes sense. A copy of the rubric is below.

Ms. Ellison's Homeroom Spelling

The next spelling quiz is Friday May 20th. Words have already gone home and you can go onto spelling city. You have letters with your child's account information. Did you know that spelling city has an app?! Students can complete their assignments on the app. I have shown students some of the games and practice they can use for their spelling words. The spelling contract must be complete up to 15 points and they have until next Friday to get all of their points.They can keep everything in their green homework folder until then. The spelling test can have any of the words from the front of the paper, but I am only requiring them to use the words on the back for practice. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Thanks!

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Reading and Social Studies with Ms. Frazier

***Always check in your child's planner for their reading homework. It will change from the norm from time to time.

***Don't forget to initial next to their nightly reading homework so they can get FULL credit.


This Unit: Book Clubs

Students will be tested on:

Summary, Theme, Story Plot Mountain(Map) of their Book Club Book

***They have their test in their reading log. They are working on it as they read. It is due Wednesday, May 25 for a Summative Grade.

Social Studies

Unit 13&14

  • Different Governments
  • Voting
  • Branches of Government
  • Citizen's Rights
  • Mayor, Governor, President Responsibilities

***Test on Tuesday, May 24

Review Sent Home Thursday, May 19- Study Study Study!