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Problems in the Sahara desert

Global Warming

In some cases global warming is predicted to increase the area of deserts.Global warming is increasing the incidence of drought,which dries up water holes.Higher temperatures may produce an increasing number of wild fires that alter desert landscapes by eliminating slow growing trees into fast growing grass.Solutions are:people can find find new ways to rotate crops to protect the fragile soil.People in factories can cause global warming by the steam.

Human Population Growth

People are moving to the deserts and building and destroying things.People are driving on the sand and destroying the environment.Humans are causing this problem.Solutions are: we can make an area where people can build houses only in that spot,so when it gets full,no more houses can be built.

More trees and plants get cut down the less it rains

It is increasing airborne dust which makes the air hotter,so now rain clouds have trouble forming.Humans are also causing this problem.Solutions are:people can cut down trees in a certain area away from other trees.On their trips, people can't bring axes, chainsaws, and more so they can't cut down trees. People can't cut down trees at all!

The Desert Weather

The desert is a mostly dry location of the earth that does not get much water per year (but come on, its a desert). As a matter a fact, the desert only gets 10 inches of rain per year! But of course just like any other desert, it can get pret-ty hot, even over 100 degrees Celsius! Some animals have to adapt to the harsh weather, for example: The Armadillo Lizard has armor all around their body that can protect them from any sudden sandstorms or bad weather in general. Also plants have to adapt in order to survive: The Chain Fruit Cholla has very strong branches so it can keep its limbs intact during sandstorms and/or strong winds.

Desert Animals

A coyote can be 4 feet long including the tail which is 11-16 inches in length. It is able to weigh up to 30 lbs. A female can have 3 to 12 babies, they eat rabbits, rodents, antelope, sheep, goats, dead elk, dear, fruits, insects, and garbage. Coyote's are not endangered animals, and their enemys are mountain lions.

Desert turtles can be found in Southern California they can live for 80 to (rarely) 100 years, they eat herbs, grass, cacti (cactus), and flowers. Their population has gone down 90% since 1980.

Armadillo Lizards body lengths are 15-17 inches, the tail length is 14-16 inches long. Armadillo Lizards have babies in the summer, they can have 1-2 babies at a time. Armadillo Lizards eat birds, mammals, and other reptiles. When it knows danger is coming it runs as fast as it can.

The Joshua Tree

The Joshua Tree got its name from the Mormoh Pioneers.The habitat of the Joshua Tree is similar to one of the palm trees.The Joshua Tree bears 1.25 to 1.5 inches flowers that are creamy yellow and green.

countries in the Sahara desert

as you can see on the map,the countries in the Sahara desert are Libya ,Egypt , Chad , Sudan , Mail , Niger , Algeria , Mauritania , and Tunisia.