Sarah's Key

Compare Contrast Book to Movie

Plot (Book)

1942; In the Book Sarah's Key the police have come to take Sarah's family away. Her brother asks to stay locked in the secret cupboard to stay safe. When Sarah realizes she has been sent to a concentration camp she decides she must escape but becomes ill.

Present day France; Julia is a young writer for the local Magazine and gets assigned to write about the Jewish roundups. As Julia is writing she learns about her Family's past and wants to find out more.

Plot (Movie)

1942; In the Movie Sarah's Key the police have come to take Sarah and her family away. Sarah tells her little brother to hide in the closet and she promises to come back for him. After being sent to the concentration camp she realizes she must escape in order to free her brother.

Present day France; Julia gets assigned to write an article on the Jewish roundups. After learning about past Family history she decides to learn more.

To Compare and Contrast

The Book and Movie follow a nearly identical event series but their are some differences. This includes in the book Sarah's brother asks to hide in the closet but in the Movie Sarah tells him to hide their which adds to her ongoing guilt. Another difference is when Sarah decides to escape in the Book she has become ill but in the Movie she is a perfectly healthy girl.


Ways the book and the movie are the same include- The concentration Camp Sarah has been sent to is exactly the same. Another similarity is Sara and Julia's' home include the same details. One big place that is the same in the cabinet that her brother has hidden in are included in both the movie and book.

Ways the book and movie are different include- In the book when Julia is looking for facts she goes to a cemetery to find out more about Sarah. Another difference is hows Sarah escapes from the camp and how she is found after escaping. Lastly Sarah's whereabouts after leaving for America are less explained in the Movie.


Ways the book and movie are the same- In both the book and the Movie Sarah changes in character after finding her little brother. Also in both the book and the movie Julia is very determined to find out family past and find Sarah. Lastly in the end Julia has a daughter named Sarah in tribute of Sarah Starzinski.

Ways the book and movie are different- Sarah becomes very sick in the book but in the movie it shows no sign of sickness. The policeman that let Sarah escape in the book was some one she knew from back home but in the movie it is just a kind man. Lastly in the book Julia has many friends helping her on her journey but in the movie she is mostly alone.