Journey to the Digestive System

The trip into your body

Have you ever wondered what goes on in your body

Well here is your chance to see what happens in the human body! We will be exploring the cells and systems.

How much does it cost?

It costs $100 for all those features that are included. I don't think that you could go on a trip like this for any less than $100. come on this trip because this is the trip of your life.

Digestive System

Features of the trip:

. Glass viewing deck

. A fully qualified instructor

. Information in the Shuttle

. A good look at all the organs


. 8:00 meet instructor and get on board

. 8:15 Get an overview of where we are going

. 8:40 Traveling to the digestive system

. 9:00 travel to the tongue and get an overview

. 9:40 travel to the tongue

. 10:20 travel to the stomach

. 11:00 travel to kidney

. 11:40 travel to the lungs

. 12:40 travel to the brain

. 1:20 travel back out to the world