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What can the Smart USB Stick really do? Here is our report.

What is Infiniti Kloud?

Infiniti Kloud is the name of a very special USB flash drive that gives you 64GB of space for 45,000 photos or other files! Other USB sticks usually only offer 8GB, 16GB or 32GB of storage space, but this Smart USB stick is an extension to all the previous storage devices for enhanced data protection.

Why do I need this Smart USB Stick?

If you have a lot of important files that you'd like to back up safely and neatly, it's a good idea to store them not on a single device, but in multiple places, on a USB flash drive, on a blank CD, somewhere in the cloud, and more. So if you're looking for a powerful, space-saving USB stick that gives you plenty of room for your data, the Infiniti Kloud Smart USB Stick 64GB is a great choice for backing up your data with plenty of storage space and secure performance.

Infiniti Kloud review and recommendation

Especially the enormous memory capacity of 64GB is something special compared to all the other USB sticks on the market, which rarely or not at all offer such a high memory capacity. Mostly it ends at 32GB at the most and yet their performance is not so special. In addition, many of them are already broken within a very short time and your data is there forever despite supposed data backup. Of course, technology can always break down, that cannot be prevented or excluded. But the Infiniti Kloud Smart USB flash drive appears to be relatively robust and powerful, and its slider cover protects it from dust, dirt and water.

Infiniti Kloud technical facts

This Infiniti Kloud USB flash drive doesn't require any software to install first, and you don't have to sign up for a cloud for a lot of money. The Infiniti Kloud Stick is designed so you just plug it into your computer and it instantly recognises your data on your hard drive. You don't have to zap through individual folders anymore, you just have to click and everything lands on the USB flash drive in seconds at 100MB/s and is safe there.

The stick has a slider that you can slide down when you use the stick and when you're not using it anymore, slide it safely back into its case to protect it from dirt and water.

The Smart USB key comes with a USB-C adapter so it's fully compatible with previous Mac and PC models for secure data backup.
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Infiniti Kloud Test

The mere fact that this special USB stick can store up to 64GB of data is an enormous quality feature that no other USB stick offers for data backup. Also in the context that this stick for data backup recognizes your data and folders immediately as soon as you insert it into your PC. In just a few moments and with a single click, everything for your data backup is transferred to your stick and organized. The Smart USB stick is amazingly small, can be transported protected by a slider and is compatible with many devices to use it anytime, anywhere.

Infiniti Kloud reviews

There are now several models of USB sticks on the market for data backup and many of them are both equipped with far too little storage space and are already broken after a few uses and thus all data lost. With this special Infiniti Kloud stick, however, there seems to be plenty of room for all your data and its performance and lifespan seems to work just as well. Relying completely on a USB flash drive to back up your data, without having the precaution of other places where your data can be backed up, would be negligent because technology can always crack and that's where important data is. But to have already exhausted the first possibility of data backup via USB stick, this special stick is certainly a very good solution.

A user of the stick writes that he is incredibly grateful for this stick, because after he used it for his data backup, his PC got a virus and all important family photos would otherwise have been completely lost. Fortunately, nothing had been destroyed because he had just backed up his data with the Smart USB stick. He was incredibly relieved.

Another user describes that he had always used a normal cloud to back up his data. However, the fees for data backup became higher and higher every month as he stored more and more music or photos on it. So he now only uses this powerful stick and is positively surprised by its very good functionality.

Another user says that for a long time he postponed data backup because he thought it was too complicated. Then he found the InfinitKloud and was skeptical because it was called "one-click" storage. But that's exactly what it is! It only needed a single click and his data had already been backed up. He didn't have to do any more, it was so simple!
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Where can I order Infiniti Kloud?

This special USB stick can only be purchased online via the official manufacturer's website and not in other online shops like Amazon or ebay. The manufacturer thus prevents you from accidentally buying a fake and thus really receiving the original.

On the manufacturer side, you are granted discounts that would not be available elsewhere. Also a free delivery directly to your home is offered to you.

If you order three sticks at once, you get a discount of 50 percent and if you order two sticks at once, you get 45 percent discount. The order package of two sticks is advertised as a bestseller on the manufacturer's website. He also reports a "100% satisfaction guarantee" on all his products.

Who is the supplier of the product?

The following information about the supplier/manufacturer of the product can be found on the official website:

Think Tech Sales Limited

Rm 709B, 7/F, Opulent Building,

402-406 Hennessy Road,

WAN CHAI, Hong Kong

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