Hurricane Katrina: The Arrogant

How our government screwed us over!

This is Hurricane Katrina

With wind speeds at 125 mph and 8-10 rainfall produced, 1,836 people lost their lives to this devastating hurricane. The government did a terrible job of reacting to the situation. My perspective is the governments response.

The Government

The government has been preparing for a scenario like this, but there reaction to it in inefficient and inadequate. People in the Super Dome told us that" we were treated like wild animals in a zoo."

Even with the government there, there was still a lot of crime and scavenging. The worst part is that they were prepared and didn't do that well.

How to React

We can't always rely on the government. If the levees break, then we will fix it not the government. If a hurricane evacuation in enabled, then we get ourselves out and not wait for the federal government to solve our problems. We have to learn to live without the government helping us because they won't always be there to help.