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December 2015

Mustang Book Pizza Party

We held the 1st of our 2 Mustang Book Award pizza parties for the year. Invitations were issued to 77 people and we had 62 attend. It's All-You-Can-Eat so we went through 29 pizzas and nearly 15 soft drinks. Little Debbie cakes were a hit as usual.

We appreciate the support of our 7th and 8th grade language arts teachers who encourage students to read the MBA titles. Several students have read all 20 books or are very close to doing so!! Here's hoping for at least twice as many students at the May party!!

December at a Glance...

# days in the month = 14

# days we were open = 14

# classes seen = 23

Average daily traffic = 218

Total # circulations = 1298

# student circulations = 805

# ETS calls = approx. 40

Some highlights in the media center

Mrs. Sutherland's class enjoyed a holiday story time with Mrs. Shaw. We read 3 books aloud celebrating the holiday season and shared peppermint sticks as a special treat.

Mrs. Batson worked with Mrs. Shuler on an Industrial Revolution project.

Mrs. Batson participated in Digital Tech meetings with other MMS teachers selected for that taskforce. She also kept our school Facebook and Twitter pages current as well as helping the Yearbook staff fine-tune some of their pages.

Mrs. Shaw completed the first of 2 Fixed Asset inventories for the year and kept the MMS website and electronic sign up-to-date. She also spent time weeding the library's collection of damaged and out-of-date books.