Bienvenidos a Español

Welcome to our online Spanish class.

Un poco de información,

Hola a todos y todas,

I truly miss you, my niños y niñas. This has been a very complicated situation for everyone, but hey happy smiles since we're still gonna catch up on some Español.

As many of you have been following PWCS updates, the plan for this week is to review topics for the current unit. I have put together some activities for each day. Please, if it becomes very difficult to follow, just send me an e-mail about it, so I can find other ways to improve it for the following week. As we know, this is our first time for virtual learning, but we will get done.

Here is our calendar and the activities for each day.

Big picture


(Couldn't find another way to put in a nice chart)

My favorite part: FlipGrid

The code is going to be different for each class. You will record yourself to tell us what school supplies you got. Then you will ask questions in Spanish to your classmates. Don't forget to answer. Again, don't forget to read instructions.

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P4: fe2ed6b6

P5: 21b68ac3

Here is a document for instructions if you forgot how to use FlipGrid.

Viernes con sabor

It is been a long week, so today you will complete any task that became challenging for you.

Final thoughts

Please, make sure that you are checking your school e-mail. I'm very good with technology, but if you need to reset password or any other issue, please contact with our IT team.

Send me your opinion/ideas/suggestions/thoughts about the activities. This is new for everyone, so let's be patient.

You will be receiving more information from the county about following steps or new information, but I'll be more than happy to help you guys with Spanish.

I miss seeing your pretty faces and greeting at you everyday at the door, "Buenos días queridos estudiantes."

Reportando para uds. la profesora Vasconez