Kinder - 2nd

2/19 - 2/22

Buddy Reading: Part 1

Talk to your students about the buddy reading program that is going to start soon. Remind them that it is such a privilege to have the 3rd/4th/5th graders come and read to them. Explain that tomorrow when they come, they are going to have to show their peer buddy what a good listener looks like.

Have your students come up with good ideas of what a good listener does/looks like.

Have them practice with a peer by having them share their favorite food while their partner models listening with their whole body.

Buddy Reading: Part 2

Talk to students about what they will be doing when they read with their buddy.

Come up with things that "good readers" do when reading to Mrs. ____________.

(Continue the list below with your "must have" reading examples.)

1. Be positive and try my best

2. Sound out words

3. Stay focused on my book and my buddy.

Remind students that they will be doing these same things when reading with their reading buddy.

Buddy Reading: Part 3

What should you look like as a Reading buddy?

Have students start the discussion by coming up with different behaviors that they should & shouldn't show as a Reading Buddy. (Share the following few if they don't come up with them.)


  • Stay with my buddy
  • Keep my hands, feet, and other objects to myself
  • Try my best
  • Have a good attitude



  • Play with my friends and not read
  • Go out of my reading area
  • Give up
  • Be grouchy

Being Included

Have your students watch the video below.

Discussion Questions:

1. Can we sometimes forget to include those who might be different than us?

2. Why is being included so important?

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary