Amendment 2

Right to Bear Arms


The Second Amendment was intended originally to prevent the national government from repeating actions that the British took. Before the Revolution, the British tried to take weapons away from colonial militia, or armed forces of citizens.

What does this mean?

This amendment means that people have the right to own guns in case the government ever tries to take us over again. I think it was good for them to make this amendment. When King George's tyranny was going to out of hand, rebels needed guns so they could rebel. So, if the government ever tries to over-rule us, we can rebel.
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A good modern example of this is the shootings at different places in America. The government are currently working on editing this amendment so that they can make America a safer place. The government have started to limit gun laws which some people think isn't constitutional. They have been banning high capacity magazines and even banning assault rifles.

My Opinion

My opinion is that they shouldn't put any limitations on gun laws, I think the only thing they should do is have a better background check and not let people that have been to jail or have any mental problems have guns. For high-capacity magazines, I think it makes no difference. There are some magazines that another magazine could stick to it and all you have to do is turn it around. When they banned assault rifles, I think the only thing this can cause is more chaos. First off, they only banned assault rifles. There are still sub-machine guns, light-machine guns, pistols, shotguns, and sniper rifles. So banning only assault rifles did nothing in my opinion. Also, since they banned assault rifles, people will be trafficking illegal rifles just like gangs do with drugs. Another thing is that sub-machine guns and light-machine guns shoot much faster than an assault rifle. Lastly, if America ever gets invaded from another country, and a small town doesn't have the military to defend them, the people would need something to defend themselves against soldiers that is strong enough to pierce armor.
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