Find the Abolitionist/Killer John Brown!

The Kansas-Nebraska Act.

The Kansas-Nebraska act was issued by Stephan Douglas to make Nebraska into a territory and have popular sovereignty. The law passed in May of 1854. The north was angry. Territory north of the sacred 36 30' line was opened to popular sovereignty. they made a non-slavery party called the Republican party led by Lincoln. The south owned most of the Nation.

John Brown

John Brown the Abolitionist

John Brown was an Abolitionist and he was also a conductor on the underground railroad. He Killed 5 slave owners in front of their families. He said he was the chosen one, he said got chose him to stop slavery. He got a army of men to capture the Federal Arsenal at the Harper's ferry. he wanted to build a army of slaves and kill slave owners. he raided the Federal Arsenal but they got captured by the local mititia and the US marines. he was sentenced to be hung.