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Body Language:5 Signs You Are Vitamin Deficient

Cracked Corners

Dear Lesandra,

I'm a vegetarian and the corners of my mouth are cracked and I have tryed lip balm,but nothing seems to work.How can i get it to stop?


Dear Lily,

You likely have an iron, zinc and vitamin B deficiency.As a vegetarian ,you may not be getting enough iron, B12, and zinc.I recommend eating more poultry, peanuts, sun-dried tomatoes, salmon, and lentils, as well as vegetables high in vitamin C, like red bell peppers.I recommended you take Nature Made Vitamin C Supplements every 3 weeks, because vitamin C helps to boost iron absorption and fight infections.


Acne Arms

Dear Lesandra,

I have these white,acne-like bumps on my arm and I have talked to my dermatologist about it.I have used creams and lotions but nothing seems to work.How do I get rid of the bumps?

London H.

Dear London,

You are suffering from a vitamin A&D and fatty acids deficiency.Increase healthy fats by eating walnuts ,salmon,and chia seeds or flax seeds.For vitamin D,I recommend taking vitafusion Vitamin D Supplements every 2 weeks. For vitamin A,I recommend eating leafy greens and vegetables like red bell peppers,carrots,and sweet potatoes.


Muscle Cramps

Dear Lesandra,

I'm a personal trainer.Lately, I have been getting these stabbing muscle cramps in the back of my legs and toes,but I don't know why.Can you help me?

Haselle J.

Dear Haselle,

If it has been happening frequently,then you have a calcium,potassium,and magnesium deficiency.You could be losing more minerals through your sweat if you are training hard.I recommend eating apple,almonds,and dark,leafy greens like spinach.Also eat more fruits,nuts, and greens to build up your potassium,magnesium,and calcium.


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Stay Fresh Everyone,