How well do you understand others?

Participate in an NUS study!

You can participate if you

Are between 60 – 85 years old

Have normal or corrected to normal vision ( i.e., glasses/contact lenses)

Can understand basic English

Have no history of neurological disorder

Information about the Study

This study involves two sessions:

First session: You will be asked to complete a set of questionnaires and a hearing test. This will take 1 hour.

Second session: You will be asked to listen to spoken sentences and answer simple questions (e.g. identify the emotion of the voice). This will take around 2 hours.


Participants will be paid S$15/hour. You can earn up to $45 for the entire experiment.


Your convenience is of utmost importance.

1. We can come down to a place of your convenience.

2. We can conduct it in our lab at NUS.


Contact me at or 92774706.