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DILRUBA is a true multi-faceted artist :An Emcee , singer, actor and a model. With her lethal combination of beauty and brains, her alluring, high energy personality, her silken voice, glamour and bountiful sense of humor, she hits the stage to entertain, creating excitement and euphoria wherever she goes. She's been thrilling audiences with her spell-binding talent for half a decade, always creating a unique connection with each and every audience. A double delight and an extra feather in her hat is, Dilruba as a Vocalist. With a voice that’s distinct and full bodied, her singing hits you like a cascade of flowing notes. Her performances have a wide repertoire of R&B, Jazz, old classics, along with contemporary and original music in Western and Hindi retro-pop.The song lists at her shows often bring back wonderful memories for the audience. Dilruba has the distinct vocal style of a soul singer, able to stir emotion in every note. Her husky, full bodied tones flow out and touch each and every listener.Often called the "Retro-Queen," she is known for her exciting and "interactive live stage performances". Dilruba realised that blending both her talents as an anchor and a singer together for shows has created a unique excitement among the crowd and the show highlights to progress on a grand level creating a special bond with the crowd from the beginning till the end of the show. She was very proud of herself when she set foot on stage for the Bryan Adams' concert in Katmandu (2011) where in she sang the opening act as well as anchored the show. Due to Dilruba's talents as both a singer and an anchor, she has found great success combining the two and is now well known as a “Singing Emcee”. In fact, she has grown into a celebrity for her double threat of singer and anchor.

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Remuneration - Rs 40,000.00 + Service Tax @ 12.36% + Travel


Remuneration - Rs 60,000.00 + Service Tax @ 12.36% + Travel

Emcee & Singer

Remuneration - Rs 80,000.00 + Service Tax @ 12.36% + Travel