New Jersey

Land of Religious Freedom and Rights of Assembly

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The History & Heritage of New Jersey

New Jersey was founded by Lord Barkeley and Sir George Carteret. Had a colonial population of 29.8 thousand in 1720. New Jersey had an economic growth of grain, corn and breeding of cattle and later became best known for it's manufacturing $4 billion industry.

New Jersey's Step to Freedom

In 1790 New Jersey's population was made up of 184,139 slaves until it abolished new slavery that slowly phased out existing slavery while governed by William Livingston. Livingston served with council and a assembly of twelve chosen by the people who believed in religious freedom.

What you didn't know about New Jersey

New Jersey was known as the "Pathway of the Revolution". There weren’t many wars in New Jersey but it provided troops, leaders, and equipment for those who were part of the American Civil War. Many soldiers and volunteers from New Jersey played an important part in the war.

Things to do....

Here in New Jersey you can experience the many different cultures and fine arts of our Holland, Swedish, and Dutch settlers. Visit our many theaters, museums, state parks, lighthouses, and site seeing points of interest.