Presentation Skills for Kiddies

Learn how with kid-friendly news

Why start now?

Child psychologists believe that introducing children to speak in public greatly reduces anxiety later in life when they are asked to make public presentations. This class aims to do that by incorporating child-friendly news in the learning!

Have fun with learning!

Starting January 2014

For Grades 2 & 3

Mondays in the afternoon (TBA)

90 minutes each

Quarter format:

During each class period students will read a news story that is geared toward children. News stories will be generated from and There will be a different topic each week. Students will learn how to take notes, how to put together main ideas quickly, and how to become comfortable speaking in front of an audience.

Our instructor

Doctorate in Education

CEO at Nanoogo

Educational App Store blogger

Former private school assistant principal

Teacher for 10 years (and loves it!)