Principal's Message

Hello Eagle Families,

It is hard to believe that we are finishing week 8. As challenging as this school year has been students and teachers seem to be finding a groove. Our teachers are committed to helping every student be successful. Our teachers work in three unique Leadership Teams every Friday morning.

The Attendance Team reviews data from the previous week, looks for positive and negative trends and identifies students who would benefit from a Porch Visit or a Learning Hub. The Equity, Access and Inclusion Team is reflecting on our school culture and is implementing strategies to support our marginalized students. The Mentor Team is pairing each student with a Life Coach to assist students in finding their passion, give students career counseling and teach soft skills.

At the TVUSD Board Meeting on October 6th, both the elementary and secondary reopening plans were revealed. Here is the link to the Board meeting if you would like to access it. The district will send the secondary reopening information out very soon. That information will describe the options for school in January.

Please be on the lookout for that information so that you have time to read through it prior to the survey which will be sent out next week, so that each family can select which second semester learning model will work best for their student. Although the comprehensive sites will offer an online only option for 2nd semester, RVHS will not. Our staff size and number of classes is simply too small. If you require continuing online next semester, please contact us. We can look at some other options.

We Got This!

Tim Dignan


Brody McHaffie

Brody, has been very consistent in attending Zoom meetings and is always very engaged in the lesson, not to mention he is earning a solid "A" and does not have any missing assignments. Having talked to him he has set a goal of doing his best this year, and he is clearly on his way to achieving that.

Brandon Tejeda

Brandon is consistent with attending Zoom meetings and turning in his work on time. Well done, Brandon! Keep up the great work.


Stephanie Webb

Stephanie Webb is new to us this year and has been an amazing addition to our staff and students. Mrs. Webb teaches English 11 and is doing an incredible job. Mrs. Webb has been teaching for 16 years, where she has worked with students from all ages and grades. She also has experience in elementary administration, which altogether has molded her into an amazing teacher and person.

When she isn’t working on her amazing “Canvas pages”, visiting students at home for “Porch Visits”, helping spear point our “Student Mentor Program”, or lesson planning for students, she enjoys spending time with her family and pets, including a “Mini Pig”.

Mrs. Webb has a knack for understanding and connecting with students and meeting them where they are in life. All of her past experience has really cultivated in her the ability to relate to our student population in a way that leaves a positive long lasting impression on them. Thank you Mrs. Webb for all your hard work and positive attitude, it is a privilege to have you as part of our team this year.




Lisa Sindermann

Secretary To Principal Tim Dignan

and Assistant Principal Tim Mann