The Life Of CS Lewis

By: Emily Marie

Background of cs lewis

CS lewis started his life in Belfast, Ireland, on November 29, 1898. He had a good childhood for the most part until his mother died of cancer in 1908. His and his brother when to England about a month later. By 1916, CS was accepted by oxford university. He served in the bristish army until 1918. After that he went back to oxford. He graduated in 1925, than was elected to a teachers post.

While CS was teaching, he also begin to write and publish books. The Pilgrim's Regress, Was he's first major book. When he started to write childrens books, everyone thought it would hurt he reputation. He's Narnia books sold over a million copies. When CS finish the narnia books, he started to write an autobiography. He married a woman named, Joy Gresham, Who died of cancer in 1960. After he death, CS quit his job at CamBridge. Shortly after, He died, On November 22, 1963.