Bunga Bunga!

Orgies...Underage Hookers...Elderly Men...Muammar Gaddafi

Who? Ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

-Billionaire mogul


-Mafia connections

-Controlled 90% of TV in Italy

-Continuously involved in crime, only now faces a year in jail (and its being appealed)

577 visits by police, 2,500 court hearings 174 million euros in legal fees -never convicted-

The Big "Whoops"?

Silvio liked to have orgies... with stripppers... and hookers... and lots of 'em... and called them Bunga Bunga parties

He was introduced to these massive orgies by his dear (and deceased) dictator buddy, Colonel Gaddafi of Libya

Unfortunately for Silvio, a dancer at one of his parties (who he later swore was the ex-Egyptian Prime Minister's niece) was underage, and later in the night paid her to have sex with him