The red circle on the Japan flag represents the sun.

Japan is a country of islands and is slightly smaller than California. 73% of Japan is made of mountains. And the highest mountain is Mount Fuji.

The climate varies from warm in south to cool temperature in north.

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Japan's official language is Japanese or Nihongo 日本語. They use a lot of Chinese characters called kanji, along with katakana and hiragana.


One of the celebration is Girl's day. It is referred as The Doll Festival. This is a day

to celebrate the health and happiness for young girls. They eat clam soup and rice cake called Mochi.

Another celebration is palanquins, carts lifted by people. It is carried to the shrine where people perform for the god and compete against other palanquin carriers.


One of Japan's popular food is Miso soup. Miso soup is a common dish in Japan.

The soup is made with dashi soup stock, miso paste, a block of tofu and chopped green onions.


There are two main religions, Shintoism and Buddhism. They both play important roles in

celebrations and in the Japanese way of life. The Shinto teaches people to respect nature and to remember the heroes from the past.

Art, Music and Dance

Origami is art of paper folding. The most common form is paper crane. You start with a square sheet of paper and fold it a certain way. Here is what it looks like.

Another form of art is Kabuki. It is traditional popular drama with singing and dancing performed in a highly stylized manner.

Famous People

Ei-ichi Negishi (1935-...) is a Japanese chemist who won the 2010 Nobel Prize for chemistry.

Ei-ichi Negishi shared the prize with Richard Heck and Akira Suzuki. They won by connecting Carbon particles with chemicals.

Other Interesting Information

Red-Crowned Crane is endangered Japanese crane. It is one of the world's largest cranes that stand about 5 feet tall and weigh from 15 pounds to 33 pounds.
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