Technology for Assessment

Music Inservice Meeting January 25

Assessment Tools

  • Plickers (iPad or phone, requires projection screen)
  • QR Code Activities (iPad or Phone)
  • Kahoot (iPad, Phone, or laptop: requires projection screen)


  • Students can answer multiple choice or true/false questions
  • Teacher projects the question onto the board utilizing the projector
  • Teacher scans the students individual QR code (iPad and/or phone)
  • Answers are imported into an excel spreadsheet

Let's Play!

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Plickers Video Tutorial

Where to begin?!

  1. Create a login at
  2. Go to "Cards" at the top right hand corner of the screen
  3. Select which size you would like to print. (I used the large font cards)
  4. Make sure the app is downloaded to your phone or iPad

Create a Class

  • Create a class.
  • Go to "Class" on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Create a new class. (There are features for selecting subject areas, grades, or assigning colors. I just used the students last name).
  • Enter student's name and assign a number.
  • YOU WILL WANT A COPY OF THE LIST SO THAT YOU MAKE SURE THE STUDENTS THE CORRECT NUMBER. I used the students "Magic Numbers" from their classrooms, putting them in ABC order. *Create an extra spare number or two in case you have students who enroll midway thru the year*

    1. To create a question go to the library tab on the top left hand side of the screen.

    2. Click "add new question" and create your question/answer.

    3. You can upload a picture or just use text.

    4. Add the question to the selected class queue.


    1. You must login to the app for your iPad/phone AND also to the computer.
    2. The password/login will be the same.
    3. Select your class through the app.
    4. Select your question through the app.
    5. The question should appear on the screen for the class to view.
    6. Scan student cards.
    7. Check your setting when you scan. It will come up as a name, right or wrong answers, or graph depending on the setting.
    8. Check reports to see you data!

    QR Code Activities

    • Allows students to scan QR codes
    • Use as a center or whole class activity


    How to make a QR Code

    • Select data type
    • Place data type in content
    • Select download, print, or email

    OTHER USES: Can connect to have your website, email, phone information for parents to scan when sending home permission slips or flyers.

    • An interactive game show web-based program
    • Requires laptops and computer projector
    • Records answers into a spreadsheet for later viewing

    Make Your Own Kahoot!

    You can also share your "Kahoots" with other people who have a registered account! If you make a Kahoot, please share it.

    Kahoot Tutorial