Erich Raeder

Commander Of Chief of the German Navy

Raeders early career started off by supporting the construction of submarines in 1928 to strengthen the German navy and this violated the Treaty of Versailles. He was convicted for waging a war of aggression. The most serious charge against Raeder was that he was sinking unarmed merchant ships. The evidence that was used to convict him, was Raeder was commanded by Hitler to sink the Soviet Union submarines because these subs were snooping on German activities. He was the Commander Of Chief so he is responsible for these actions. Raeder was sentenced to life in prison but got released 9 years later due to health issues in 1955. He died at the age of 84 in 1960.
I think these consequences did fit his crimes because he said, "I have no illusion about this trial. Naturally, I will be hanged or shot. I flatter myself to think that I will be shot; at least I will request it. I have no desire to serve a prison sentence at my age." With that being said, I think they made the right decision. Raeder said he didn't want to serve a sentence in prison and just wanted to be killed so I think by having him serve the rest of his life in there was the worse for him. I don't agree by releasing him though after 9 years due to health. I would have just let him die in prison. Erich lived 5 years later when he had been released and I strongly think he should have been behind bars those last 5 years. Lastly, I think all Nazi's should have been sentenced to life in prison because being hung or shot is the easy way out and I think they need to suffer in prison rather than getting the easy way out of all this.