Sigmund Freud

Child Development Theorist

Freud's Biography

Sigmund Freud was trained in neurology. He believed that the mind is structured into two main parts, the conscious and the unconscious. The conscious mind includes anything that we are aware of or can easily bring into our awareness. The unconscious mind is all of the things outside of our awareness.

He invented the therapy couch which is still used now for clients to lie on and relax while having their therapy session.

He believed that personality develops through a series of stages. Experiences from your childhoold almost always affect your adult life.

Freud developed the exsistence of your conscience, called the superego, an internalized sense of right and wrong.

Sigmund developed the term 'defense mechanisms.' When someone is unwilling to face a painful situation, they may be accused of being in denial. However, this is just a person's way of protecting their ego through their own defense mechanisms.