By: Mica Hadfield

What is minecraft?

Minecraft is a game that you can download from the internet. You have to pay, but it is worth it. In this exciting, fun & creative game you make what they call a world and then choose if you want creative mode or survival mode. In creative mode you don't have a limit to any resources and you cannot die. In creative you can fly and blocks are easier to break. In survival mode you can't fly and you have to find your resources yourself. you also have to create your own furniture and tools and to do so you need a crafting table.

What do you do in minecraft?

In minecraft survival, i usually start by collecting wood for my tools and crafting table, then i look for animals like cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep then i kill them with my sword that i just made, cows give you beef and leather, pigs give you pork, chickens give you chicken meat and feathers and sheep give you wool. [witch you need to make your bed so you can sleep] then i usually go out mining, looking for stone and cole. if you are very advanced you might find iron, gold, or even diamonds! [witch are extremely hard to find me myself have only found some once with some help from a friend. After that i usually go looking for a good spot to build a house, when i don't have much resources i usually make a small house because that is really all i need, but sometimes i feel like making big houses. To make house you basically place blocks of whatever you want your house to be made of and then just build, you can also plant crops and they will grow wheat, melon and other things.

In minecraft creative i usually start by making whatever i want! sometimes i make a castle and pretend to be the king and sometimes i just make inventions and roller coasters and other cool stuff. [sometimes i just ride pigs! haha]

Minecraft Mobs and animals

In survival mode there mobs or monsters that try to come and get you at night time, you can fight back or hide in your cosy home. Here is a list of mobs:






*green slime

*zombie pigmen




*wither skeleton

There are also lots of animals in survival and creative Here ia a list of them:








*horse [if you have the update]


These are lists of the mobs and animals that you might meet on you journey if you play this wonderful game.

Updates and modifications

In minecraft you can get the latest updates and also go online or try to find a website that offers modifications, i recommend Planetminecraft.net you can get lots of stuff there.

Thanks for reading!

About the Author

My full name is Maaike Ruth Hadfield. I was born in Australia but i grew up in Indonesia. I was only 11 when i wrote this. I love playing Minecraft, it is the funnest game ever. None of my classmates hate this game, everyone loves it and i will still love it 4eva!!!