Your not the only one project

Holli DePina Health Period 7

Middle School Years


Popular Music

The popular music was R&B

Favorite Activities/Hobbies

Typing class they used typewriters and she liked poetry and playing softball


Owner of a hair salon she still likes poetry but has no time for it

Favorite Part of Middle School

When her class would go on a feild trip every month to United Skates of America

The Worst Part Of Middle School

Bullying and being at the middle school from 5-8 grade

What Were You Like

Quiet shy in school but a crazy-nut out of school


Enjoy everyday as it is and take in all the education you can.Its a tough world out there.Follow your dreams and never give up.Everything may not make sense right now but one day it will all make sense. Don't let people tell you that you can't ,you are the new future.

what were your grades like

honor student

Worst Subject