Fall Update

Fouke Elementary

Welcome Back to School!

Dear Parents,

We are so excited to be back in the swing of things here at Fouke Elementary. We hope this newsletter finds you well and rested. If you are new to the school community, welcome! This Newsletter is full of information, so save it for your reference. We are very excited to share our practices and procedures and all the new things happening at our school!

Lots of "New" at our School...

New Staff..

We were blessed to be able to hire some amazing new staff members. We have been sharing them on facebook, so be sure to follow us there, Fouke Elementary School, if you don't already!

New Positions!

If you have been around Fouke for a minute you may think teachers have always taught the same grade year after year. Well this year we have branched out and are stretching ourselves! Many of the teachers have looped with their classes allowing for us to jump right into teaching since they knew each other well. Next newsletter I will highlight a few more of our retuning teachers that may be in a new position. So stay tuned...

New English Language Arts Curriculum!

New this year, we have adopted CKLA ( Core Knowledge Language Arts ) for our English and Reading instruction. It was highly recommended by the state and deeply thought through prior to adopting. Our teachers are diving in feet first, and working hard to deliver the content with fidelity and rigor. It may appear to families very different and it is, as we have not had a curriculum like this in a while, but bear with us and trust that the long term outcome is in students' best interest.

WIN ( What I Need ) which is a block of time in each grade, where new instruction stops and we target the needs of each student will continue to occur this year. If a student needs speech, OT, PT, Dyslexia, GT or specifically targeted instruction in reading, math, or phonics, this is when they will receive that support. We divide each grade based on data and then split the students based on individual need.

New PTO leadership!

If you have yet to check out a PTO meeting, you need to try and make it on Tuesday October 18, 2022 in the Elementary Library. They have a revived energy and are trying to give back to the schools and students. Raising money for classrooms, teachers, and scholarships are just a few of their ideas. Join the Mighty Moms group and see where you can help us out. Some of the things on their calendar are :

  • County Fair booth - September 23-24
  • Pancake breakfast on Veterans Day - November 11
  • Mother/Son and Daddy Daughter dances - February 10 -11
  • Silent Auction to honor students and announce Teachers of the year! - early Spring

New Officers:

President - Misty Harness

Vice President - Haley Mudford

Secretary - Jennifer Watkins

Treasurer - Kelly Barnett

Anyone interested can contact them at PTO.foukeschools@gmail.com

Big picture

New Campus Theme...

S - Successfully

E - Educating

A - All

S - Students

Our staff voted on this theme because we are all so passionate about making sure all kids are successful. We have adorned the halls with underwater decorations, statements and images to serve as s reminder that we wish to successfully educate all students .

Dates to Remember...

Be sure to write these down...

September 13 - 4th Grade Field trip to 4 States fairground

  • 4-H membership drive - Elem. Library @ 6:00pm

September 16 - Friday Assembly - Cub Scouts to speak to students!

  • Cub Scout Recruitment - Elem. Library 5:30 - 7:30

September 23 - Kids day at the Miller County Fair Grounds

  • 2nd and 3rd - 8:30-9:30
  • Kinder and 1st - 9:30-10:30
  • 4th and 5th - 10:45-11:45

September 26 - 30 - NWEA first Round of Assessments

  • Monday - Science
  • Tuesday - Reading
  • Wednesday - Math
  • Thursday - Writing

September 30 - Grandparents Day - More info coming soon!

  • Color Wars!! Dress in your grade's color!

October 24 National Red Ribbon Week - "Our Kids make Good Choices!"

  • Monday 24 - Make your Bed Monday!
  • Tuesday 25 - Take out the Trash Tuesday!
  • Wednesday 26 - Wash the dishes Wednesday!
  • Thursday 27-
  • Friday 28 - Career Day and Color Wars! More info coming on Career Day!

October 31 - Book Character Parade - Student can dress as a character from a book!

November 1 - Parent / Teacher Conferences - Early Dismissal!

November 11 - Veterans Day celebration! All veterans are invited to our Friday Assembly!

  • Students will be invited to wear Red, White and Blue to honor our Veterans.

November 18 - Early Dismissal - Parents or Guests invited to come eat Thanksgiving dessert back in the classroom.

November 21- 25 - Thanksgiving Break!! ( No School )

December 16 - Color Wars - Wear your grade level Color!

December 20 - Christmas Parties!