LiiNK Updates

Spring 2019

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The LiiNK Team traveled to Clemson, SC, for the annual U.S. Play Coalition Conference. The team presented findings on listening effort, BMI, and the overall value of play as shown through the LiiNK Project. They had a fantastic time, and got to meet up with Lenore Skenazy from the Let Grow Project!
Finland is an educational superpower, despite breaking almost every “rule” we Americans think we know about education. Wrong Turns, Right Moves in Education (Archway, 2019) investigates the differences in these systems, advocating for an educational model that focuses on quality over quantity and the social emotional growth of children through play.

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Recess Highlights

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From the Teacher's Mouth!

"We've seen a lot of different changes. We've seen that this year, we have little to no office visits compared to last year having to send quite a bit to the office. Also, just in general, the way they behave with each other is so much more respectful."

- Lauren Wolfe, 1st Grade Teacher

Connecting the Dots!

Connect with your child by asking him or her these questions about the Positive Action lessons:

Kindergarten: What does it mean to be persistent? Tell me about a time when you had courage.

First: How have you used positive actions to make yourself better? What improvements have you made in yourself? Why is it important to believe in yourself?

Second: What is self-improvement? How have you improved yourself this year?

Third: What do you want to learn to do better? How can you make that happen? What does it mean to have potential? How does your attitude affect your potential?

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Week 16) Thoughts: Ideas that result from thinking

Week 17) Actions: What you do or cause to happen

Week 18) Feelings: Emotions such as anger, fear, love, and worry

Week 19) Friendship: Caring between people who choose to be together

Week 20) Love: To show unconditional caring

Week 21) Empathy: To think how others feel

Week 22) Respect: To show special care for people

Week 23) Kindness: To care for others and take thoughtful action; Fairness: To treat others with justice

Week 24) Cooperation: To work with others for a common purpose

Week 25) Self-Honesty: To tell yourself the truth

Week 26) Truth: Something you can count on

Week 27) Integrity: To do what you say you will do

Week 28) Self-Responsibility: To answer for your actions

Week 29) Trust: To have confidence or faith

Summer Recess Reminders

As a LiiNK Campus, we follow specific weather guidelines for outdoor play. According to the National Weather Service and the CDC, it is safe for children to play outdoors for 20-minutes or less when temperatures and humidity factors combined result in a temperature of 103° F or less. All LiiNK recesses are no longer than 15-minutes, which means it is safe for children to play outside in the green and yellow conditions listed below. For the full weather guidelines, please visit the Parent Portal on the LiiNK Project website (

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Lenore Skenazy and the Let Grow Team Discuss Purpose:

The new buzzword in education is “purpose.” Researchers say if kids discover something they love to do FOR ITS OWN SAKE, not grades, not college resume-building, they are less anxious, more resilient, and ultimately more successful.

Purpose is a mash-up of:

Gifts – a kid's "natural" skills.

Passions – whatever it is a kid loves to do or dreams of doing. And

Impact – a problem that calls out to the kid and/or a connection they feel to the world.

How do you give kids purpose?

Trick question! You don’t. You expose them to things you think might interest them, and then give them free time to pursue them or discover something else.

Try stepping back – more than once, more than briefly – and see for yourself. (Bonus: YOU can pursue another purpose, too!)

If you'd like to check out Let Grow's ideas for how schools can help make this happen, here you go.