Wall Street Bombing!!!!!!

This is a bad way to start of the year of 1920’s. Even though Wall Street has been record high booming, this September 16th of 1920 Wall Street was bombed. We have learned so far that the blast killed 38 and injured 138. No one had witnessed who the bomber was and the police have no suspects. Just to give you a image on what happened it was worse than the bombing of Los Angeles Times that shocked our great nation ten years ago. As you know our hearts go out to the victims and their families. There are places to help donate money to victims and their families for the funerals and other medical costs.

Gatsby drug stores??? What made him wealthy or just plain money pits????

We all know that Gatsby is one of richest bachelors that lives in West Egg but, there is the age old question is how did he get so wealthy? There have been all sorts of rumors from how he got so rich, from he inherited it to

hitting it big on Wall Street. This is what we know for a fact, he owns a chain of drugstores called " Gatz Greens." Gatz Greens is like a regular drugstore chain selling prescriptions and candy by the pound. Although, when Gatzby bought the drugstore chain he had to put an extensive amount of money to fix the once saloons previously owned by Marvin Metz to modern day drugstores. So he must of had money before that so it comes back to how he got his money?

We have a source who shall not be named at this time saying " Gatsby finally got half his money back after ten years of being open. So it's clear now that this is not a true source of Gatsby's wealth and still keeps the state of New York wondering how?