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Episkopi Primary School

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I have been a Headteacher for 19 years now, and I can safely say that this has to be one of the most difficult periods of my career. This is not because of the challenge of setting up remote learning, or because of the level of demands that still come from all angles each day, it is because never did I think there would come a time as Headteacher where I would be unable to see the children and to spend time with my staff discussing the highs and lows of their day. It was brought home to me yesterday, on my daily walk, when I had to stop a child running up to give me a hug; a few weeks ago I wouldn't have thought twice about this, how quickly things can change.

However, at this time I am reminded of an amazing quote from Anne Frank's diary, she writes "I don't think of all the misery but of all the beauty that still remains". This is an incredibly important thing for us to remember at this time. We are being bombarded with media messages of the increasing scale of the virus back home, and I know that you will all have family that you wish you could be nearer to, I know I do. However, if we switch off from that for a moment and look at the work the children are doing, the enjoyment they are having at being with you each day, and the positivity that they bring to this situation, then things cannot help but look a lot brighter.

As we move in to the two week break for Easter, make the most of each day with your children. Switch off from the screen and enjoy time in the garden. I will end with another favourite quote from Dr. Seuss, "Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory"; time with family is a thing to cherish and so relax and have fun making memories.

Mrs Thorp.

Y4 had a great time on World Book Day, when many parents came into school!

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There was a lot of fun and laughter as the parents took part in a ‘guess the character’ game. This was followed by a ‘power of words’ activity where children and parents sketched the scene from an extract of a famous classic. Based on the outcomes, it is evident that not only are there talented children in the class, but talented parents too!

There were some great take-away homeworks in February, well done Y4!

Year 6 had an excellent half term, with Carnival, World Book Day, Football and Sport relief!

Year 4 learn about weddings.

The amazing Father John welcomed Year 4 into All Saints Church on Monday 2nd March to learn about weddings and marriage. He answered all of our questions and learning came to life when he re-enacted parts of the wedding ceremony with us.

Then, due to the Coronavirus, school had to shut and Mr Fazackerley was forced to celebrate his birthday in his classroom with no class!

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It took a few days for everyone to get use to our new online learning systems, but since then our pupils have produced the most amazing work! Well done children, parents and teachers!

There have been DT and Science projects:

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What an amazing castle, Arabella!
Kinetic Experiment 3
I wonder how long this took to set up, Scarlett, it's amazing!
Kinetic Experiment 2
Kyran is going to be an inventor when he's older, fantastic experiment!
Kinetic Energy 1
Well done Ruby and Freya!

Geography Projects:

Geography animation
What a super animated report, Freddie!

Musical Masterpieces!

Ava beatboxes
Ava's beatboxing is fantastic!
Musical Campbells!
Aiden and Erin are heading for fame with their duet!
SG singing Easter song
Shay sings the KS1 Easter song beautifully!

Amazing Arithmetic!

Y3 Maths
Keep up the great work, Erin!
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Maths and role-play, what a winning combination Jacob!

Reading, listening to stories and story telling!

LM telling story
Lucy tells us her fantastic 3 Little Mermaids story!
Shadow story 1
Fantastic work, Jamie and Harry!
Shadow story 2
Well done Summer!

Great writing, spelling and handwriting!

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Abbie wrote a beautiful poem about her Mummy!

Go Team Turtles!

Wow the Turtles have been very busy home learning and have produced some amazing pieces of work showing their great Radha Resilience skills whilst having lots of fun. We have had some excellent story maps of their very own stories, detailed character descriptions, super character creations and lots of expressive story telling. We have had some great examples of practical maths too, such as, making their very own shop. What a great way of practising number work. Well done Team Turtles!

Fit and working hard in Year 4!

In Year 4, pupils have worked really hard on designing their own hotel. They have used a balance of fact and opinion, adjectives and expanded noun phrases, to produce persuasive leaflets for their hotel. Parents have worked so hard to learn about decimals in order to brilliantly support their child at home. Lots of PE with Joe has taken place too, we are going to be a super fit class when we go back.

A note from Ms Rowe

Sophie in Hedgehogs class sang one of our Easter songs at home. She wrote to let me know that her mum was singing the alto part while she was singing the soprano part. Wow! Not only super musical skills but great teamwork! Rene Relationships would be proud!

In response to the ‘Music Question of the Week’ – Is music invisible?

Harry T in Y5TF wrote: "You can see music in the notes, and you can see music in the words. But you can also visualise music, for instance, I can visualise an opera singer when I hear opera, and I can visualise trumpets when I hear the Star Wars theme!"

Eilidh P in Y5LH wrote: “No, it is always around us. You can see music in nature, you can see how it affects people too. Some people dance, cry or laugh when they hear music”.

Wow, Harry and Eilidh, what well considered answers to our thought-provoking question.