Peek at the Week

Week of 9/19/16


This Week

9/19- 3-4pm, Monthly Staff meeting

9/19, 4pm- ILT Meeting (Toller, Takimoto, Morgan, Fowlkes, Plambeck, Wong, Witte, Plambeck, Brouhard.

9/20 School Context learning Walk (LaResha Martin, Network Superintendent to Visit)

9/22, 6:30pm- SSC Meeting (Toller, Witte, Fowlkes, Mr. Brown, Anderson)

9/22- 4th Grade Planning Day (Smith, Plambeck. Litt)

Coming Up!

10/3- K Planning Day (Fowlkes, Shreve, Brodsky, Walton)

10/5- Walk and Roll to School Day, 8am-8:30am on the yard

10/6 & 10/7 HR Will be closed.

1/24 Faculty Focus, 4-5 at La Escuelita with Superintendent Wilson (Glenview, TCN, La Escuelita Faculty invited)


ST Math

The expectation this week is that EVERYONE try ST Math with their students by Wednesday.

On Weds. at PD, we will discuss:

1) What went well with ST Math? What tools did YOU use as a teacher to support your own growth mindset?

2) What was hard with ST Math?

3) What SEL tools will you need to develop in your students in order for them to work independently on ST Math?
4) What are your next steps?

Ms. Plambeck is available every Weds. from 10:50-11:40 to coach you on STMath or to support you in your work of differentiation in math. Please email her to connect.

Professional Development this Week: 5 to 1 Strategy

After we check in about ST Math,

Rob Churchill the district manager for Behavior Analysis will be doing a training with us on the 5 to 1 Strategy.

The premise of this strategy is that teachers should interact with students 5 times more often when they are behaving appropriately than when they are behaving inappropriately (5:1 ratio).

This strategy will be a concrete way to support creating your positive class culture this month and will help us as we move into more differentiated academic groups where we will need tight behavior expectations in place.

Hearts (Social Emotional Learning)

Are you Interested in Helping to Plan Halloween @ Santa Fe for Monday, 10/31?

Let Chelsea know.....

Visitors from Texas here on 9/28

On 9/28, we will have five principals from Texas visiting. They are all focused on how to build relationships between teachers/students and are coming to learn about the SEL work we are doing including RJ, Toolbox and PBIS.

They will join our PD that afternoon and may visit some of your classrooms. The SEL team leads and I still working with their coordinator to finalize their schedule for the day and I will let you know in advance if they will be visiting your classroom.

Connecting with Coach C.

Coach C. is here on Mondays- Thursdays. Students can leave her a note in her box outside her door if she isn't available and she will seek them out later in the day.

Students are not to enter the RJ Room without adult supervision.


Staff Meeting, Monday, 9/19

The second Monday of the month we will always have a one hour staff meeting to discuss nuts/bolts.

This month, the first Monday was a holiday so we meet on the third Monday of the month (the second Monday was an OEA meeting).

Our agenda this month will be:

Drills: Lockdowns, Lockouts, Earthquake and Fire

Safety Drills

We will review the different kinds of drills, but please put these dates on your calendar:

Friday, 9/23 Lockout Drill, 2:15

Friday, 9/30 Earthquake Drill, 2:15

Friday, 10/7 Lockdown Drill, 2:15

Next fire drill will be unannounced :-)

Communicating with Parents?

All staff are welcome to join BigTent, our online parent listserve.

This is an easy to request donations for your classrooms or announce events.

Go to:

Click on "bigtent"

Required CPS Training

Your CPS training must be completed online by 10/14. After this date I will be notified by central office who has not completed it and I will contact you.

This is a state requirement.

Everyone should have received an email inviting them to take the training.

A Friendly Reminder from PTA....


It's that time again! The Annual Giving Campaign starts on Monday, September 12th and runs through Friday, October 7th.

Over the next few weeks we will have several important flyers with information about the campaign. Our goal is to raise at least $80,000 to supplement the programs at Glenview. The Giving Campaign was our biggest fundraiser last year. Please send home the flyers as they come and help support our cause!

On Friday a 8.8 x 5.5 card with the entire Giving Campaign laid out was put in your mailboxes. It has an attached envelope for donations that need to go into the PTA mailbox if they are returned to you inadvertently. We encourage most families to donate online if possible.

Please also mention the Giving Campaign in your weekly parent letters.

We are aiming for 100% participation.

Every Student Counts. Every Gift Counts.

Thank you for your support!

Lisa Newby and Virginia Sturm

Fundraising Co-Chairs

Amazing Volunteer Offers of Help for ALL Teachers!

We are SOOOO lucky to have tremendous parent volunteer support at Glenview!

Do you need help leveling books?

3rd Grade Parent Rabiya Tuma has offered to help ANY teacher level books. She will pick them up from your classroom, take them home, and return them to you leveled!

Email her- Rabiya Tuma <>

Do you need help with getting your technology to work? Or need something hung up in your classroom?

Parent Brian Letson is our new "Howard Kong" and our handyman. He is coming by every day to help teachers with technology glitches, hang up hooks, screens, whiteboards, etc.

Email him with your needs: Brian Letson <>

Do you need help with a handyman item?

The screen needs to be put up the book shelf needs to be put together?

Parent Tom Baldwin is available in the mornings to help you with your minor handyman requests-

Do you want help inventorying your FOSS kits or prepping for your FOSS experiments?

Laura Prival is one of the district science coordinators AND a Glenview parent. She and another parent want to help you by taking the FOSS burdens off your plate! Please note that classroom teachers are still responsible for the delivery of science curriculum. Do not ask parents to teach your FOSS curriculum. They can help you teach, but you are in charge of the curriculum. Science is a core content.

Email Laura Prival for help with inventory or prepping: Laura Prival <>

Daily Counts- Day 20

Monday is Day 20!

1. Do not count absent students, unless they have a verified absence (like you know the child is not coming to school the first week because he/she is out of town)

2. Do not count children who have never come to school or do not have a verified absence.

3. Write you count on your whiteboard by 10:15 (recess time) so that your instruction does not have to be interrupted.

Facilities Requests?

If you have a need for something to be fixed, please let Ms. Lizett know. She will manage all of our work orders.

PTA Reimbursements

Forms are in the form holder across from teachers boxes. The PTA passed their budget last week and they can begin to write checks. PTA reimbursement questions can go to Jen Mahon, PTA Treasurer. Jennifer Mahan <>