Much Ado About Nothing

The tragic comedy of the millennium

By~ Kevin Berg



In the novel by Shakespeare I chose Adam Sandler to play Benedick. I chose this actor because Mr. Sandler is famous for his parts in comedies and how witty he is. Also, in many of his movies Sandler falls head over heels for a girl, which fits Benedick's character well.


To play Hero is Selena Gomez. Both the actress and the character from the book are consider beautiful women in their society. Also, Gomez often plays roles where she doesn't speak a whole lot (which is what Hero does in "Much Ado About Nothing").


I chose the dashing Channing Tatum to play Claudio for two reasons. First, Claudio is a very handsome character so Tatum passes that requirement easily. Second, Claudio is kind of oblivious to what is going on around him which is a role Tatum plays often. He's a perfect match!


The Dance

This part of the story was very important to the plot in the fact that the dance revealed many of the characters true intentions. For example, we find out how corrupt Don John is in his plans to disrupt everybody's happiness. Also, we find out that Claudio has fallen in love with hero. This scene sets the whole backbone for the story

The Corruption

Because of his bitterness about the upcoming wedding Don John (with the help of his servant Borachio) devises a plan to make it look like Hero is a whore. This scene reveals the true treachery behind Don John. Also, based off of everybody's reaction, it shows how much honestly and innocence plays a role in their society when it comes to marriage. This scene adds a bump to the road of happiness and we watch how the characters deal with this event.

The Wedding

The eventual wedding between Claudio and Hero shows the resolution aspect of the story. The event demonstrates how much Claudio loves Hero and also demonstrates again how important honor is (shown by the clearing of Hero's name before marriage). The wedding wraps of the story and leaves the readers with a sense of satisfaction.

Love Story- Taylor Swift

I chose this song because it most accurately represents the backbone of the plot- the falling in love of Claudio and Hero. In the beginning of the song it talks of this little flicker of affection that draws out two lovers. That's much like what happens to the characters in "Much Ado About Nothing", especially in the dance scene at the beginning. Towards the middle of the song Swift sings about the troubles of love, even eluding to the problems her father is causing by getting involved. In the novel, this represents the problems Don John causes in their relationship. Finally, in the end of the song Taylor Swift says "Baby just say yes". This shows resolution within the song, just like how Hero saying "Yes" at the wedding shows resolution in the book.

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