FitLight Trainer

Movement+ Measurement +Motivation= Results

FitLight Training Inspiring Excellence

The fitLight Trainer™ is a functional training system used to develop and track visual, cognitive, and motor skills. Wireless technology is used to establish bi-directional communications between a proprietary handheld controller and up to 32 portable fitLights™.

These fitLights are sophisticated motion and impact sensors, with built in stop watches, which transmit “timing” and “completion” data to the controller for display and storage. When running any fitLight Trainer sequence or protocol, the controller’s job is to activate (turn on) the fitLights. Whether athlete, PE student, or patient, the participant’s job is to react to, move to, and deactivate (turn off) the fitLights. The fitLight’s job is to generate the timing data for these activations and deactivations and transmit them back to the controller.

fitLight Trainer™ sample v 3.0 HD

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