Types Of Computers

the four types of computers

Main Types Of Computers-facts

The first type of main computer is a Desktop PC consist of;a tower,monitor,mouse and keyboard. Most people use these in work and not in their personal life they are mostly used in offices and schools for staff and teachers as they are cheaper depending on the brand. most have a price of £99-£2,000. The negative about this is that they are bulkey and are unable to use that is why most people have them in one place so aren't very good for people who move around much.
One of the types of main computer is the laptop. Lots of people have laptops as they are easy 'find a home for' ,people often use them for work,school life, general and multimeidia.The laptop often constist of the screen and a keyboard, in some 'laptops' you can take the screen of out of the keyboard and it will become a tablet.Most new laptops come with a webcame and a rechargeable battery. Most laptops prices change starting at £150-£1999 but it chanes due to the brand ,type and quality
The third type of main computer is a tablet pc. They are much easier to carry around and many more homes have one.They are more easier for people to use for example young children can use them and so can older people. They have a touchscreen and have a camera. The prices vary depending on the brand and storage most cost around £100-£500 you can also buy a variety of cases and protection sleeves.
The final type of 'computer' is a smart phone. Generally most people have somesort of smart phone. on it you can download games,send emails, and texts,calls. the two most famous phone and tablet brands are samsung and apple. the prices of phones vairy eg they stat at £50-£550.
So to summerise: office workers would use a pc and moniter, however a adult at home will use a laptop or tablet. a teenager would a smart phone and a young child would use a tablet