Temperate Rain Forest and grassland


The adaptations to help the plants to survive.

-Epiphytes such as mosses and ferns grow atop other plants to reach light.

-trees can grow very tall due to amount of precipitation.

The reproduction adaptions

-The trees reproduce by dropping seeds

-The seeds grow on nurse logs

The grasslands plant adaptations

-During a fire, while above-ground portions of grasses may perish, the root portions survive to sprout again

-Some prairie trees have thick bark to resist fire

-Prairie shrubs readily resprout after fire

-Roots of prairie grasses extend deep into the ground to absorb as much moisture as they can

-Extensive root systems prevent grazing animals from pulling roots out of the ground

-Prairie grasses have narrow leaves which lose less water than broad leaves

-Grasses grow from near their base, not from tip, thus are not permanently damaged from grazing animals or fire

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The reproduction adaptations of the grasslands

-When the winds pick up they take the seeds out from the leaves and transport them elsewhere