Introduction to Child Development

Week 1 introduction

Hello Class and Instructor

My name is Sarah and I am a single mother of a little girl that just turned three named Lexi. We just recently moved to Standish Maine to be closer to my family. Lexi is one of the main reasons I have decided to further my education, I want her to grow up knowing anything is possible and nothing is out of reach as long as you work hard.

I am working on getting my BA in Child Development and am currently in my third year here at Ashford. I started at Ashford because I have always wanted to start my own childcare center, however after doing some thinking I am leaning more towards social services. I want to help and make a difference and I believe that with social services I have a better opportunity to do so.

I have been working with children off and on since I turned 15. I started by doing teachers aid and volunteering at a few daycare's in my area. I have worked at a few different daycare's throughout my life and also a place called Casa. Casa is a nursing facility that serves both children and adults with developmental disabilities.

What do I hope to gain from this course? Well you would think this would be a fairly easy question to answer, however I am having a lot of issues with it. I would have to say that I would like to gain more knowledge to help me in my future career choice. I enjoy working with children and love watching them learn and grow and would like to know as much as I can so I can help them succeed.

I look forward to hearing about you all. I want to wish everyone the best of luck in this class and in their future careers.