Pros and Cons

by Quadeera Jones and Arianna Martinez

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Pros on Mercantilism

Mercantilism was a system of trade that the government was in charge in, it also was where they traded goods.

Cons on Mercantilism

Mercantilism was run by the government. Mercantilism lasted through the 1400's to the 1700's.
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Pros on Capitalism

Capitalism is now known to describe the social system. Capitalism exist in all countries,it is used for the distribution of goods.

Cons on Captialism

Capitalism was not made to satisfy people's needs,but to produce goods and make profit. Capitalist are people who are wealthy and use other people to make money and goods for them. Capitalist are able to become wealthier by gaining profit from the working class making and selling goods.
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Pros on the Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange was a mast production of goods, land, and power. It was mainly between Europeans and Native Americans. It was mainly based on the fact that it:

  • Increased food production
  • Livestock was brought into the light
  • Great change in power
  • The United States was created

There are lots of good things that came off of the columbian exchange, like it eventually lead to our Independence Day were we went to war with our mother country and won our freedom. It also is the cause of many trading routs across the world.

Cons on the Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange had some good parts, most of it was bad. There was the fact that it:

  • Killed thousand
  • New Diseases
  • Power struggles
  • Money change/Independence
One main thing that the Columbian Exchange started was the Triangular Exchange

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Triangular Exchange

The Triangular Exchange is basically the trade of slaves and trading through certain countries/places. It was mainly in trade in between Europe, Africa, and America. It relied on the trading of slaves(unlike Brazil and other South American countries such as Peru that traded with Africa directly). The triangular trade involved three destinations, and required more planning and was extremely dangerous to other countries.
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How The Internet Changed The World

The internet has been around for longer than we think, its just now becoming very popular. It first came out in 1983 made by many, many people. It has helped the world gather information and give out information. One major product that the internet has provided and has changed the world completely is Google. Other websites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and Vine are all part of our daily lives from one person to the next. The internet has helped us with communication, buying products, entertainment, work, and school. If we didn't know a problem we could just as easily look it up, we can find out anything we want with just a click of our fingers on our laptop or computer. That is how the internet has changed the world. It gives unlimited knowledge and it makes it easier to live.

Pros on the Internet

A few good things about the internet are:

  • Builds Relationships

  • Shopping

  • The Skill of Multitasking

  • Helps With Illness

  • Communicating

Cons on the Internet

Some bad things about the internet is that it stops human face to face communication, and the deep net was created.

Some other things are:

  • Black Mail
  • Identity Thief
  • Predators
  • Bankruptcy
  • Cyber Bullying
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How the Internet Saved the World

The internet saved the world by allowing us to lear anything we could ever want. We could literally go online right now and look up something that might change our lives forever. If we were stuck in a situation and needed to know like how to get gum out of your hair or something than you have other peoples methods and experiences to help you. You could also go on the internet for extra circular help, like they have online tutors, and they have Rosetta Stone and all these other websites that help us learn and do things we normally would never know about or do. This is how the internet saved the world. it helps us learn and experience new things from other peoples eyes and other information from thousands of different people.

So What?

The Internet, the Columbian Exchange, Mercantilism, Capitalism, and the Triangular Exchange are basically the same thing all together. They all founded the United States and they all have a major part in the world. The world is run by money, order, and power. These five things are what keeps the government, and all the money craved people in charge forcing the lower class to keep working their butts off for nothing. We all think that maybe one day we could get rich by working, but in reality we are always gonna be on the bottom. Even if we do somehow get rich, were not going to stay rich. By paying taxes and all this money just so that we can travel, or in really just survive we could be in another country and live off of a thousand dollars while in America a thousand dollars is the cost of some clothing. How is America going to be a better place if everyone just wants to stay rich and make the less fortunate people work and work to just scrape by in paying the rent, paying car insurance? If we don't pay these things we can't live, so why live in America? Its the illusion of freedom, but freedom doesn't come with out a cost. It shows over and over in our history again and again. The people that first came to America came here to escape their mother country only to find that they can't truly be free without giving half of their life workings to stay there. Things are exactly the same as then.

Now What?

I think that to change the world we need to make everyone equal. We need to take the rich people's money and spread it around to help the poor. Once we've made everyone equal in money, people will all have the same salary so there wouldn't be any problems about consuming and keeping money. People of the world are cruel hearted and only care about them selves. If we make the people the same salary wise, then we would have money left over to help the people in need. The main thing or problem that we have is that we can change the money all we want, but we can't change the people. To change the world we have to help others, we have to start the change of america by changing our hearts. The way we can change our hearts is to give, not take. We can start caring about others like we care for each other. Treat people how you want to be treated and just follow your heart in a loving way.

Now They've Got It

There is a group called Humanity In Action that not only goes to other places to help, but (more rarely around america) come here and help people. Every time we see those commercials to help, it's always in other places, but now we have a group thats helping us as well.

Warning Don't Play With Music If You Don't Want To Cry!!!!!!!

Humanity in Action
Helping The Homeless Compilation 2015