Bright Conference Lights

Thanks for putting us on your calendar!

Food Drive Success

Our annual event has given us a great reason to revisit what giving is about and what being thankful means. Below are some pictures of Mr. Heinze's class helping out the food sorting process.

The Wednesday Assembly Was Fun!

On our regular second Wednesday of the month assembly was filled with thanks, Veterans' Day, and celebration of BoxTop collection. Below are some of the pictures that were taken of our Girl Scout troop, our BoxTop winner, and you can see the screen about our conversation about thanks.

Fundraiser Pickup

PTO fundraiser delivery

On Thursday, November 19th, the PTO fundraiser items will be delivered to the Intermediate School. There are lots of items being delivered and we could really use some volunteers to help us from 2:15-4:00. If you can help out or if you need more information, please contact Mrs. Serwin at 414-256-0112 or

Parent Teacher Conferences

You and your child's teacher make an amazing combination of encouragement, faith, patience, perseverance, and joy over the course of a school year. Your attendance and participation in the conference is essential to making the partnership effective. I applaud your energy and focus during the quick 15 minutes to learn about your child's progress to date. Be sure to keep up to speed with the newsletters that are sent home too. Thanks so much!