Hall Of Shame

Britney Spears

Britney spears was known and loved for her desire in music . She was an American singer and actress as well. It was just a moment of time that everything changed for one simple mistake that she made.

How else would be better known for The Hall Of Shame than Britney, her life has gone through so many tragedies one after another. Even going to rehabilitation didn't help fix everything that she had done wrong.

Losing herself into drugs was one of the biggest mistakes that she had made. Fans turn into enemies and criticize every move she made. Shaving her hair at a salon made the people more anxious about why she was acting so different. Britney soon was hospitalized at a medical center and sent to psychiatric hold. Unfortunately this made her lose full custody of her loving children. There is nothing more painful that to lose the love of her kids and not being able to see them.

Luckily, Britney realized how much trouble she was causing herself and her family. Only that but her career as well, all that she had worked for, she destroyed herself. Wanting to get the trust from her fans and loved ones, Britney decided to go to rehab and regain everything she lots.