Ms. Boulware's Corner

January 5th - January 31st, 2017


Hello Parents,

Happy New Year! Please scroll below for updates for this month.

Unit Packet

In an effort to keep students from receiving so many loose papers each day, I have compiled a unit packet to keep all assignments together. Each student received a packet yesterday. It is imperative that students keep up with this. Please help your student keep this in their possession.

Q&A: What is the promotion criteria for 6th grade?

  • To earn promotion to the 7th grade, students are required to pass five out of six subjects each semester. Language Arts and mathematics must be two of the five subjects passed. As an IB school, this translates to six out of seven courses, two of which must be Language Arts and Mathematics.
  • Should a student not earn promotion to 7th grade, he or she may have the opportunity to attend summer school to learn the AKS curriculum not mastered during the school year. Students may attend summer school for no more than two semester-long classes.
  • A Special Education student’s promotion is determined by his or her Individualized Education Program (IEP).
  • Promotion for an English Learner (EL) or a student with a Limited English Proficiency (LEP) is guided by his or her English Learner Proficiency Plan.

JA Volunteers

We are still in need of volunteers for our JA visits on January 17th - January 20th. We will be attending by homeroom so you are free to check below to see which day your student will be going. If you are interested in volunteering, please click the link above and sign up.

January 17th - Bennett, Sullivan

January 18th - Ikuesan

January 19th - Wackerman, Nettleton
January 20th - Boulware

JA Trip Instructions

When we attend our JA Trip, your student will not need any money for souvenirs (there is no gift shop). They will, however, come back with goods that they were able to "purchase" at JA BizTown. They will also need to leave their bookbag at home. Thank you for your help with this.

Country Study Project

We began research today for the country study project we conduct each year in my class. Students received directions with the information that must be included on their tri-fold board. I have alloted 4 work days, however, students may need to use time at home to compile information onto their boards if they do not get at least 25% of the work done in class during each work day. Please keep a close eye on your student's progress and I will try do the same here at school.

Class work days

Friday, January 6th

Tuesday, January 17th

Wednesday, January 18th

Wednesday, January 25th

Project due date

Friday, January 27th

We will conduct a mini International Festival in our class when students submit their projects. We will have a gallery-style set up and students will browse and learn about each other's projects. Students are free to bring in snacks that can be sampled at room temperature. Due to the number of students with peanut/tree nut allergies, I will politely ask that we avoid these items if possible. Students are free to wear items that coordinate with their project as long as they would not need to change clothes due to time constraints.

Students with projects that are voted by their peers as the top 3 in each class period will be asked to present at the school International Festival on Tuesday, January 31st. Students are free to bring food samples, dress up and bring in artifacts for their booth display at the Festival as well.

International Festival

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Please make plans to attend our school's annual International Festival. It is one of the most well-attended events and it is a great night to make memories while learning with your student.

Unit 7 - Geography of Latin America

Tuesday, Jan. 24th, 9am

5440 West Jones Bridge Road

Peachtree Corners, GA

Students will have their seventh assessment on Thursday, January 24th, 2017. After this assessment, we will begin our History of Latin America unit.

Thank You!

Thank you so very much for the gifts sent right before break. It was so kind of you all and I can't express my appreciation enough. I hope that your break was restful and that you were able to spend time with the people you care about the most!