Spring in the 3-4s


May: Internal and External Structures of Plants and Animals, Biomimicry

The 3-4s are working on a research an engineering unit that focuses on the internal and external structures of plants and animals. Students will learn how the natural world has already solved many problems and can help scientists or engineers solve human problems. This is called biomimicry. Students will study a plant or animal of choice and use their new knowledge to mimic the plant or animal to design an invention or garment that will improve the lives of humans.

Throughout this work we have partnered with Wellesley College and our Natick sustainability coordinator to look closely at solar panels and how biomimicry has helped scientists improve them.

June: Natural Disasters

The 3-4s are partnering with Natick's Department of Public Works, Sustainability Director, as well as the New England Aquarium to explore inland flooding in Natick from a systems thinking perspective.

Students will take home final designs on the last day of school, and we are excited to see their unique solutions to a local issue!

Updates and Announcements

Important Dates for your Calendar:

May 9th-12th 3rd Grade PARCC, ELA and Mathematics

May 14th Build Day- Outdoor Makerspace! (see below for more details)

May 16th-19th 4th Grade PARCC, ELA and Mathematics

May 19th- Parent Info Night at Wilson @ 6:30

May 24th- Early Release Day

May 30th- No School (Memorial Day)

June 2nd- 4th Grade Choral Concert @7:00

June 3rd- 4th Grade YMCA Trip (all day)

June 5th- Lilja Fair

June 7th - Special Olympics (Rain Date is June 8th)

June 14th - Wilson Step-Up Day for Fourth Graders, 8:45-11:00

June 14th- Third Grade Field Day (The 3-4s will celebrate their portfolio day together on June 15th!)

June 15th - 3-4s Third and Fourth Grade Portfolio Day, 8:30-9:00

June 15th - Fourth Grade Field Day

June 20th- Lilja's Got Talent (Fourth Grade Talent Show) & Fourth Grade Fun Day

Juen 21st- 3-4s End of Year Party (Families welcome to attend), 2:00-2:30

June 22nd - Last Day of School

Portfolio Day and Field Day

The third and fourth grades will celebrate Field Day with their grade-alike peers; third graders will have their field day on June 14th. Fourth graders will have field day on June 15th.

Both third and fourth graders in the three-fours will have portfolio day on June 15th from 8:30-9:00. It's wonderful to have friends and family members attend this important event!

School-Wide Build Day, May 14th, Outdoor Makerspace

Lilja has received funding for an Outdoor Makerspace; the funding is from our generous PTA and a grant from Dr. Sanchioni's office.

We received money for the following:

  • a raised bed for each grade-level
  • eight convertible benches so that students may sit and work on while in the Outdoor Makerspace
  • a greenhouse (!)
  • a compost container
  • two outdoor sinks
  • two pizza ovens

Please sign-up for the Build Day here!