Owlet News

October 14, 2015


Students continue to work on building their reading stamina. As soon as we can read silently for a solid fifteen minutes, I will begin pulling reading groups. I am hoping to begin this when we return to school on Monday, October 19th.

As a whole group, students read the story Curious George at School last week. We worked on phonic words with the short o sound, while blending phonemes and working on beginning sounds. Digging a little deeper, we focused on our comprehension skills by analyzing the text. We focused on Sequence of Events and carried this into our own writing. Students have been really thinking about the order in which things happen and are learning to use transition words to aid their thinking and writing. First, second, third, next, last, and then are some examples.

Your child should know how to read and write the Word Wall Words each week. Please check with your child to see if he can read the following words from this week: do, sing, find, no, funny, they.

Students took a short quiz on Wednesday assessing their knowledge of all the Word Wall and Spelling Words ;)

I sent home the homework packet Wednesday. We will work with these words next week. This week was too short to work through the whole lesson for Lucia's Neighborhood.


Students have been working on journal writing. They must have three or more complete sentences about one topic, a title, the date, and an illustration. Students are developing their writing stamina and are becoming booming authors! More specifically, we have been working on sequence of events. On the first day of our discussion, our friend David was wearing a shirt about illustrating the steps to building a treehouse. It was the perfect timing!


Students are beginning to learn about Learning Targets. This are simple, kid-friendly statements that allow students grasp the lesson's purpose. Our Learning Targets are posted beginning with "I can..."

Students are working the the statement, "I can count on and find a missing number." We continue to work in our math workshop journals while also playing many math games to better grasp concepts. Students are also working on using different math strategies to solve problems: using the number line, the numbers chart, cubes, etc.

Ferguson's Apple Orchard

Students had a blast on our first field trip! We learned about apples from Farmer Tom, took a wagon ride to pick apples, and then played on the farm. We saw goats, a corn maze, a "Slightly Scary Haunted House," trackers, haystacks, and other small buildings and activities to run around and through. It was a beautiful day for being outdoors and enjoying our friends and classmates.

Author Study: Mo Willems

We have a new author for the next few weeks--Mo Willems. The students absolutely love reading his pigeon books, and we are looking forward to reading more of his books. We learned that many of his books speak to friendship, so we are really looking forward to learning about ways we can be better friends as well! Your child would surely enjoy sharing some of these books with you and many of you may have these books at home. Please take a few minutes to connect with your child about Mo!

Here are some pictures of the students writing like Mo and then sharing their pieces. Boy did they LOVE drawing that pigeon!

Great Green Run and Roll Assembly

PTO hosted a school-wide assembly to announce winners of this year's fundraising efforts. We had three winners in our classroom! Woot! Woot! Way to go families! We also had a chance to see the 3rd and 4th graders make Mr. Woller and Mr. Eckern into HUMAN SUNDAES! WOW! Did they ever look super sweet! Thanks for all your support with this fundraisers, families! The PTO was able to approve every school fundraiser this year!


MEA Convention

Please don't forget that we do NOT have school on Thursday or Friday this week.

Flashlight Reading Event

Friday, Oct. 30th, 1:45-2:45pm

Room 108

It's spooky how much we love to read! You are invited to Room 108's Flashlight Reading Event! Throughout the year we will be celebrating our love for reading by inviting loved ones into our classroom to read with us. I will be sending home more information as the date approaches, but I just wanted you to get this date on your calendar. Each student is allowed to invite ONE loved one to class from 1:30 to the end of the day. Students will share on literacy related performance and then partner read with their loved one. We will also have a potluck style snack bar. Students love having their close family and friends visit the classroom!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

We are in this together!

I value your voice and ideas in our classroom. I appreciate your thoughts and concerns. Please, never hesitate to contact me!