Computer Software Engineer

Plamen Natchev Period 10

Career Details

Duties/Responsibilities: The duty's of Computer Software Engineer's are to design, test, fix computers. They also use algorithmic math to tell what a program should do in the computer. Engineers are engage with Application creation and system development. Also you have to be able to work with a team. Because Engineers are usually apart of team.

Average Hours/Working Schedule: 40 hours a week Usually during the day so the offices can be brighter.

Working Location(s): Office Buildings are the working Locations of Computer Software Engineers.

Salary/Wage Potential:50% of the people started with $76,450 a year.35-50 dollar per hour average.

Education Needed

Requires Bachelor's Degree and Work Experience to be highly qualified. You also need experience with different variety of computer systems. You need to go into Computer Science if you are going to be in computer systems.
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Educational Place For Future Engineers

IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology) is the place to go to get the education you need.

Skill Required

Must have skills to work fast with computers and to understand fast so they can work with C++ or other language based programs fast. This also Involved Problem solving skills

Job Outlook/Growth

Over the next decade Computer Engineering is expected to grow rapidly. They had over 500,000 Engineers in 2002. 30% of which were self employed.
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Advancement Opportunities or Related Jobs

There are internships Provided for starting students to get practice and get trained for competitive companies. Once they are through with the internship they usually get a career offered to them for great pay.

Other related jobs are Computer and Information research scientists, Computer and Information Research Managers, Computer Hardware Engineers, Computer Programmers, Computer Support Analysts.

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