Touch me not family


What does the Jewelweed look like?

The Jewelweed main color is orange , and it does not have any extra colors. My crayon name for it is fire orange. The name of the leaf shape is oval toothed. The Jewelweed

got it's name from the fruit that busts open when you touch it.

Where does it live , and how tall does it get?

It lives in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, and Northwest. The habitat it lives in is swampy woods, clearings, and stream beds.The Jewelweed grows from 1-8 feet tall. This wildflower blooms in the months June -September. The flower head is three fourths-1inch. The flower type is "inflated sac". There are many among branches.

WOW facts

  • family name = Touch -me- not
  • can help "athlete's foot
  • can help stop itching from Poison Ivy

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