September 9th


Math Practice

  • Collect $2.00
  • Close to 100
  • Xtra Math (
  • Fast 10
  • Double digit addition with open number line


    We will summarize data set using a table.
    I will summarize data set using a table to create a graph.


    We will make inferences about characters in a story using their words, actions, and thoughts.

    I will complete an inference map about a character and justify my answers.

    Introduction to Reading Skills: Making Inferences


    We will plan and develop a draft by using graphic organizers.

    I will create a list of people, places, events, things to brainstorm then write a true story.


    1. How does sharing and listening to each others story help you as a writer?

    2. How can brainstorming before writing help improve your writing?

    3. How can you make your story match the video (or picture) that is inside your head?

    CW: #3

    Word Study

    We will analyze and compare words using three checkpoints for the floss rule.

    I will apply the checkpoints to determine if the word applies to the floss rule.


    1. What do you notice that is the same about the spelling of these words?

    2. How will I know to double those letters when we spell words like these?

    Critical Writing:

    3.What three checkpoints are applied to the floss rule?