Etiquette on the Internet

or How to Act Cool online By: Garrett Radtke

How to start typing like you're talking e-mail wise

  • Use proper grammar and punctuation
  • Use formality use a closing and an opening
  • Don't write in all caps it seems like your yelling when you do
  • Use the subject field to say the point of your e-mail don't just say hi

How to act on a social media site

  • If you want to say constant meaningless blurbs join Twitter
  • Posting constant selfies = you having no life
  • Unless this is algebra numbers and letters don't mix
  • Don't admit crushes over these sites do it in person or another way

How to steer clear of cyberbullying

  • Don't friend or engage in conversation with someone you don't personally know
  • If you are not mean to people they won't be mean to you but if they are block and report the offenders
  • If you see someone getting cyber bullied then report like it's you who's getting bullied