The Honda 2000 S2000

My Dream Car


The cars usual net worth is around $30,000

Vehicle Type

RWD Two door roadster, with a 6 speed manual transmission, DOHC inline-4 aluminum block and head port fuel injection motor, stock 240 HP, and a 0-60 time of a short 6.8 seconds



The payment with really whoever and however long you want to will vary. I chose to buy one for $30,000 and have a monthly payment of about 400 a month, which would give me about 75 months roughly to pay the car off completely. Not bad, when your basically getting a steal on the car.

EXtremely not stock

These cars are basically the luxury Honda Civic, you can modify them as much as you want too and still not have the same car as anyone else, just the fact that these vehicles dont look anything like the civics and most people dont own one.