The Northwest Pacific Coast

Land of Plenty

Northwest Pacific Coast

The Northwest Pacific Coast was warm, rarely cold, it had deserts, flatland's, mountains, and jungles.The Tribe ate fish (halibut, salmon, cod, and shellfish), small forest animals, berries, and nuts.

They wore rough shirts or robes of fur or shredded bark. Women of The Northwest Pacific Coast Tribes always wore plant-fiber skirts. When it was cold outside they wore furs, and hides to suffice as cloaks or capes. They rarely wore moccasins. In the rainy seasons, hats were usually worn, and they pierced their noses to hold ornaments; some men of the tribe grew mustaches and beards too! Most women and men got beautiful tattoos.

The Tribe made fishing poles from nearby bendable sticks, wooden boxes for caring items, and spears for hunting. The Tribe wove baskets, and carved wooden boxes and canoes, decorated hides, and hammered pieces of copper. They lived in large, plank houses with doors made from wood. On the doors and totem poles of their houses they painted family crests to differentiate from the others! Totem poles were famous among the Northwest and in other nearby regions.

They had feasts and celebrations for weddings, naming an heir, or removing the stigma of a shameful accident.