I Won't Do The Laundry!

By Sruthi Parthasarathy

My name is Sruthi

And I won't do the laundry!

Never in a million years.

The dirty clothes on the floor

Are blocking the door.

The washer sits empty,

So I get sweaty while I stare at plenty.

I loudly shout, and then I pout,

But I won't do the laundry without a doubt.

The clothes keep climbing up to the sky.

There's not enough room for me to squeeze by.

I solemnly stare at all my stained clothes.

Then my mom walked in, and her face froze.

Just my luck; she becomes a red fire truck,

And her voice sounds like lightning has just struck.

Her booming voice yells, "You are grounded!'

I stood there dumbfounded and feeling astounded.

"All right, all right. I'll do the laundry,"

I say to Mom and finally stop my wanderin'.

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