Mrs. Hadley's First Grade

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Homework for the week of February 22-26

Monday- Spelling 3X (Long Vowel A)

Tuesday- Math

Wed- Reading (Math Unit 5 Test)

Thursday- 7 Spelling Sent.

Friday- Testing

Spelling Words

came, make, brave, late, gave, shape,

five, four, into, over, starts, three, two, watch

Math Skills

Starting Place Value- Ones, Tens, Hundreds

Relational Symbols and Comparisons: greater than, less than, equal

Addition and Subtraction facts to 15

February News..Lots Happening This Month

Coming Soon....

Grade 1 Pretzel Sale...March 23

Easter Activities.... Filled Eggs and Easter Grass. Items will be needed 3/18

*March 18- BINGO- Dr. Mennies School Pocket Book Bingo.

Get your tickets now.

Teacher Communication

You can reach me using the following communication options...

Agenda Book

Note sent via Homework Folder

Phone Call 856-794-6957

*Meeting upon Request

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