March 24, 1995

Was the day Chris brown was born!

About me myself and I.

I was 20" and 7lbs and 8oz with 3 inch feet, they always called me duck feet. before i was born my dad "had" to get a cheese burger from Mc Donald's before they got to the hospital which is pretty funny. I was born in Bad Hersfeld Germany, because my dad was stationed over seas, and met my mom. My dad was a airplane engineer and his name is Kelly Brad Brown, and my moms madden name is Stephanie Worman. I have dual citizenship which is pretty cool. Moved to Texas when I was 4, and lived there until I was 17 then moved to Kansas.

Interesting things that happened on my birthday!

National news

23 Mar.

Wayne Gretzky, playing for the Los Angeles Kings, breaks Gordy Howe's career record (801) for National Hockey League (NHL) goals. He finishes his career in 1999 with 894 goals.

Local news

1985 Germany Major Arthur Nicolson 24th March, 1985 : Major Arthur Nicolson was shot. Within a few days following this event, Americans had told their side of the story regarding how it happened, which was very different from the story told by the Soviets account of the incident.

International news

2008 Iraq 4,000 U.S. troops Lost 24th March, 2008 : A roadside bomb in Iraq kills four U.S. soldiers, bringing the U.S. death toll to 4,000 sice the Invasion of Iraq by US forces just over 5 years ago.


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